shrapnel xmas?

Of the many things I could blog about today, I would like to tell the story of yesterday.

VERY handsomely rewarded. this is a stunning snapshot of wes on xmas morning. Remember that time I moved to Reno for true love?

It’s simple.  It’s straightforward.  It’s a recurring theme in my life:  despite all indications that we are making stupid decisions, we make them anyway.  And are handsomely rewarded.

Example:  the time I hiked up slippery and scree-strewn Crow Pass in Anchorage wearing Crocs because Dave promised me five beers.  They were delicious.

Other example:  the time Wes and I planned a Christmas excursion to hot springs in Nowheresville, Nevada, and as we hopped into his notoriously fickle rig were presented with a bright orange CHECK ENGINE light.

We thought about the fact that his car has mysteriously not started before.  We considered how we were headed to a part of the state with no cell signal.  And that when I sold Rhonda the Honda, I also canceled my Triple A membership (free tow up to 50 miles, yeah!…no more).

Eventually, we decided to go with the Great Decision Maker of Our Time:  feelings.  As in, we felt like everything would probably be ok.  We felt like we really needed to get out of town.

and so wes' car spread its wings and said, join me. listen to indie music. put your feet up on the dash and blithely ignore my check engine light. for we are going to sit in warm pools in the middle of the frigid, cell phone-receptionless desert.

Oh, the things we do for fun.

There were other threats to our wholesome Christmas day – if you’ve ever found that your Trader Joe’s eggnog has thrown itself over in the cooler, for instance, you know about a special kind of gross.  Or if you’ve settled into camp next to a nice steaming hot spring and then wondered out loud “darling, what are those loud popping noises?” – nope, it’s not a wild burro passing gas (although their braying will keep you up all night), it’s people shooting guns at the campsite below yours.  It’s about when you see some dust cough up ten feet away from you, accompanied by another loud “zzzzzzzinggg!!!” sound of something small hurling itself very fast and very near through the air, that you confront your neighbors and are met with blank stares.

As much as we like to chance our luck, we switched campsites after that.

the desert: land of many uses.

The other awesome part about being where we were is that, in the desert when the sun sets it gets cold!  And I have no metabolism to speak of.  So this was actually also a fun beta-testing adventure where we were able to gauge my ability to winter camp.

and since it was in the teens when we woke up, it was a good test. i won. i won by surviving and not freezing to death. and the first thing i did when i got out of the tent was haul my butt into the springs to ponder the meaning of my successes from a nice warm place.

Our life lessons from this Christmas are about needing to invest in a decent down sleeping bag and pads that actually stay inflated, finally understanding that rural Nevada is incredibly gorgeous and rugged and occasionally inhabited by people who like to drunkenly shoot guns, and it’s ok to ignore facts in favor of feelings when making important decisions that could easily cascade into catastrophes.

when in doubt, crosswords will help keep you warm. also the down booties wes bought me for christmas. mmmm down booties. i think one thing i care most for in this life is having warm feet and i love wes for knowing this.

We here at the Smart Alli outpost hope that you had a very merry, and hopefully very gunshot-free!, Christmas.

4 thoughts on “shrapnel xmas?

  1. OK, Spell check here, or is this how you do crossword puzzles too?> Is Schrapnel the special sound that shrapnel makes when it is much closer than it should be?

    And just how many Burros does it take to dig a burrow?

    Glad you made it back with nothing more adventurous to report about!

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